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For version history of the Model Checker Configurator, refer to this page.

Current release: Soon
Support for Revit 2025, updated COBie Extension to export Attributes from linked models, minor bug fixes
New Shared Parameters Tool provides the ability to easily setup your shared parameters in a model, including attaching as type or instance, to the correct family categories, and grouped under header. A new feature for the Model Checker includes the ability to import .AVT report files generated in the Validation Tool (Model Checker in the cloud) to compare with the local report as well as providing the ability to zoom to the elements listed on the report. This build also includes updated Help links, a reordered ribbon, and bug fixes.
Hotfix to address installation issues with Revit 2024 and 2023 versions
Support for Revit 2024 - Chinese language version added - Model Checker Configurator is now a separate installation - support for new 64-bit Element IDs in Revit 2024 - updated icons to align with new Revit 2024 branding - support for Dark Mode in Revit - renamed Spatial Data Tool" to "Room & Area Sync" - upgraded Excel exporter - improved accuracy on checks for file sizes"
New feature to review AVT report within Model Checker - COBie Extension no longer tries to update Rebar - Model Checker Match Fail, Count Fail, and Count List reports now return the same data - Model Checker Configurator Case Insensitive toggle now working
New consolidated INI file system - Classification Manager updated to Standardized Data Tool - Resolved issue with Japanese characters in database - Resolved issue with COBie contacts not getting classification assigned correctly - Equipment Data Tool issue with blank settings in Creat Configuration Step 3 resolved
Classification Manager - Search field bug resolved - Model Checker Type Name Does Not Contain logic refined and updated
All Tools - Help links updated to new URL - COBie Extension - Updated COBie Attribute export to align better with UI values - Classification Manager - 2022 version update to loading custom parameters - COBie Extension - Zone Editor bug fixes - Model Checker - Updated Configurator for supported languages - Classification Manager, COBie Extension - 2022 version updated to support new categories
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager, Spatial Data Tool, Equipment Data Tool - 2022 Release - Classification Manager bug fix - crosswalks now work as expected - COBie Extension - adjustment to handling of some not found Attributes
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager, Spatial Data Tool, Equipment Data Tool - 2018 Release Only - Classification Manager bug fix - crosswalks now work as expected
Added new tool Spatial Data Tool - Added new tool Equipment Data Tool - Cleaned up ribbon - Added field for currency in COBie Extension - Resolved issue with COBie Zone Manager - Resolved issue with Classification Manager creating parameters
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - Added language support for Japanese - Model Checker - Added API and Automation functionality - COBie Extension bug fix - Resolved issue with COBie Zone Manager and level filtering - Model Checker bug fix - Resolved issue with file size reports inconsistency when model hosted on BIM 360
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - 2021 release, 2017 retired - Added language support for German - Updated UI to support lower resolution monitors - Added ability to create parameters directly from database file in Classification Manager - Resolved issue with Classification Manager instability - Added filename export to elements tab in Model Checker report export - Included utility to clear out conflicting schemas to help accommodate older models
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - Added language support for French, Russian, and Spanish - COBie Extension - added ability to use System Type in System Name Builder - Classification Manager - updated shared parameters file to support new database organization - Classification Manager bug fix - category filtering now works properly - Model Checker bug fix - deselecting the Header now keeps the below checks from running - Model Checker bug fix - localization units issues now resolved for some filters
COBie and Model Checker – improved Excel export – COBie bug fixes – XML date time localization no longer causes issue on import – system export empty in some situations now populates properly – component space names incorrectly generating their own now pull from host space/room parameter – Zone Manager UI works properly when creating new zones – contacts now properly access Classification Manager – Classification Manager bugs – category dropdown working again with known limitations – Model Checker bugs – report crash on Duplicate Element check no longer crashes – Configurator Advanced check tab Save and New buttons function as expected – report not showing model and checkset information if XML is not found now shows header information
COBie bug fixes - Space values updating correctly - crash on updating Mapped Parameter for External Identifier fixed - component spaces now working properly with phases - Model Checker bug fixes - now reports size of model on BIM 360 hosted files - pre-built checks will keep custom descriptions - Classification Manager bug fixes - reload DB will overwrite cached DB
Major new release - new UI - consolidated installer - dedicated Ribbon - new features - bug fixes

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