Version History

BIM Interoperability Tools Collection for Revit


Current release:
Added new tool Spatial Data Tool - Added new tool Equipment Data Tool - Cleaned up ribbon - Added field for currency in COBie Extension - Resolved issue with COBie Zone Manager - Resolved issue with Classification Manager creating parameters
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - Added language support for Japanese - Model Checker - Added API and Automation functionality - COBie Extension bug fix - Resolved issue with COBie Zone Manager and level filtering - Model Checker bug fix - Resolved issue with file size reports inconsistency when model hosted on BIM 360
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - 2021 release, 2017 retired - Added language support for German - Updated UI to support lower resolution monitors - Added ability to create parameters directly from database file in Classification Manager - Resolved issue with Classification Manager instability - Added filename export to elements tab in Model Checker report export - Included utility to clear out conflicting schemas to help accommodate older models
COBie, Model Checker, Configurator, Classification Manager - Added language support for French, Russian, and Spanish - COBie Extension - added ability to use System Type in System Name Builder - Classification Manager - updated shared parameters file to support new database organization - Classification Manager bug fix - category filtering now works properly - Model Checker bug fix - deselecting the Header now keeps the below checks from running - Model Checker bug fix - localization units issues now resolved for some filters
COBie and Model Checker – improved Excel export – COBie bug fixes – XML date time localization no longer causes issue on import – system export empty in some situations now populates properly – component space names incorrectly generating their own now pull from host space/room parameter – Zone Manager UI works properly when creating new zones – contacts now properly access Classification Manager – Classification Manager bugs – category dropdown working again with known limitations – Model Checker bugs – report crash on Duplicate Element check no longer crashes – Configurator Advanced check tab Save and New buttons function as expected – report not showing model and checkset information if XML is not found now shows header information
COBie bug fixes - Space values updating correctly - crash on updating Mapped Parameter for External Identifier fixed - component spaces now working properly with phases - Model Checker bug fixes - now reports size of model on BIM 360 hosted files - pre-built checks will keep custom descriptions - Classification Manager bug fixes - reload DB will overwrite cached DB
Major new release - new UI - consolidated installer - dedicated Ribbon - new features - bug fixes

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