Autodesk Replication Tool for Docs

Copy Files Between Your Docs projects

Quickly copy your files between different projects on each of the Autodesk cloud platforms: Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Team, and A360 Team.



Replication Tool Features


Quickly build tasks to copy one or more of your Revit models to another project.


Each task generates a detailed report of the process that can downloaded as a spreadsheet.


Setup your tasks to run on a schedule, either one time or recurring.

Unzips Revit Files

When Revit models with links are published to Docs, they are zipped up files. ART can unzip them.


Accessing the Autodesk Replication Tool for Docs

The Autodesk Replication Tool for Docs is accessed from

It is currently an invitation-only service, so please contact your Autodesk representative to gain access. Once you do, you can find instructions for integrating your Docs projects on the Help website for ART.